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McCain, Powell, etc.

Democrats have a strange take on guys like McCain and Powell.

On one hand, they seem to speak their mind, whether what they say jives with the Bush camp or not. On the other, they are ostensibly loyal to the GOP and Bush.

I’ll talk about Powell in a later post. First, McCain. In the conversations I’ve had, Republicans tend to distrust and even dislike McCain. Democrats tend to think of him as one of their own. Both go overboard.

It blows my mind that Republicans so routinely trash someone as honest as McCain. Certain ideological differences aside, he can be a tremendous asset to the Republican Party. Remember that it’s only been in the last several decades that the two major parties aligned themselves so drastically with conservatism and liberalism.

Recently, he’s been voicing concerns over problems in Iraq. This is politically advantageous for the Democrats, so of course they commend him. Guess what your typical Republican thinks.

So there’s even wishful thinking amongst some on the left that McCain is in fact purposely backstabbing Bush. It is true that McCain has been the victim of character assassination by the Bush camp in the past. By all indications, McCain was deeply hurt by the attacks.

I don’t think he’s doing any intentional backstabbing, though. I honestly think the guy is just very principled. I don’t know why Democrats have such a hard time understanding this. I mean, a lot of us supported Dean and didn’t really like Kerry, but we’re supporting him now. Cornell West, a strong supporter of Nader, is voting for Kerry & is encouraging others to do so as well. Why is it so hard for Democrats to understand why McCain can support Bush, while criticizing him?

And why the heck can’t Republicans appreciate McCain for being so principled, even if they disagree with him?

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  1. Andrea Says:

    interesting. have you gone on to write about powell yet? I want to read.

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