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Ok, Kelly’s doing NaNoWri…Mo and Erin’s doing NaN… uh, NahGonnaWorkHereAnymore or something.

So I’m gonna try something. NaNoGonnaReallyOffendPeople. Or something. I was inspired by Bryann (Not a Girl) to make cutesy, fuzzy pictures with seriously screwed-up captions (like the one Bryann did in the previous post).

So screw it. I’ll try to do one for every day of November. I’ll fail, even though I’ve already cheated and done 3. But that will give me a head start. Since I’m gonna fail anyway.

First one:

2 Responses to “NaNoWTFo”

  1. Kelly Says:


  2. andrea Says:

    Mortal. Peep. Fight. Mo

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