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Election Day

I did my duty today. Voted for the least repulsive candidates.

Just kidding. They’re all repulsive. I just voted for the ones with the most inspiring odor.

Remember this guy? He ran again.

I threatened to actually vote for him. Well, threatened in my mind. But it was a stern, angry threat. Ok, it was a whimsical threat.

I am so anxiously awaiting the results of today’s election that, if it occurs to me, I may pause FF XII tonight and, if I’m not hungry for some chips or if I don’t have to use the restroom, I might pick up the remote (thinking it’s a hot, naked stripper, for some reason) and accidently turn on the news.

But I probably won’t.

Go Democracy! And pick me up a burger. Accidently and incoherently fondling the remote works up an appetite.

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