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Right-wing freak-out

I love it.

I love it I love it.

No, I don’t much care that the democrats picked up all those offices. I love the insane reaction some are having on some notable right-wing blogs.

It reminds me of the freak-outs that left-wingers had 2 years ago.

Some people are claiming (almost hoping) that a terrorist attack in the US will give Republicans their seats back in 2008. What a solid, inspiring gameplan.

Some are calling voters stupid. Which is just as charming as when democrats said the same thing.

Most of all, these people really, really see the other party as evil. I guess both sides are guilty of that to an extent.

No one has any perspective.

Or maybe it’s just the internet. It has a way of making the populace seem way crazier than it really is.

Along that line… I swear, if there’s any talk of impeachment, I quit. Not that I like Bush. Not the point. I will quit. I don’t know what I mean by that. But really. It’s like it’s easy for people to point out what’s wrong when they’re not the ones with the power to do bad things.

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