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My Email Address

I don’t know how to say this without upsetting the person who does this. So I’ll just put it out there in case someone else is tempted to do something like this.

Please don’t give my email address out. Don’t click “recommend to a friend” on some website and put my email in there. Really. Just send me a real email and tell me about the kickass website.

Why? Spam. I used to have “good” email addresses. Ones that I used with only a small group of people (friends and family). Those email addresses now get spam. And I hate spam.

It’s bad enough that most people I know use windows, and that a virus can grab my email from whatever they store email addresses in. Just handing it out to people doesn’t help.

Like I said, people get all hurt when I ask them not to do it. So here’s my public, generic plea.

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