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Circuit-Bent Casio SA-2

I’ve been working on a Christmas present for my brother-in-law, who is a musician.

Bent Casio SA-2

I went to a local goodwill and found the keyboard. I added a “crash” button to it and an audio out jack.

Circuit bending involves finding interesting short circuits. It’s kind of random, but a lot of fun. End result is some screwed up sounds.

Anyway, that’s what the crash button does, which is that large round red button.

I recorded some of it. To hear what the crashing sounds like, click here. I edited it and cut stuff out — because it’s so random, you often end up with silence, which is no fun to listen to. The very first part is just the “demo” song on the keyboard.

Something kind of neat — if you short-circuit the right points, you can get the keyboard to play some songs which aren’t otherwise available, like Happy Birthday, something by Chopin, Twinkle Twinkle and a Christmas song. I didn’t solder connections between those points, though. I’m still working on my soldering skills, I don’t think I’m using the best wire and I already had to use the dremel to route out paths in the plastic for the other wires.

2 Responses to “Circuit-Bent Casio SA-2”

  1. Chris Czerniak Says:

    You still working on that thing. I find it funny that both Pat and I were like “That’s great Joe” in the most sarcastic voice we could muster when you first showed it to us.

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    […] project I’m working with my dad on is re-purposing toys. I’ve been fascinated with circuit-bending for years. While digging around in his garage, I came across a talking doll. I tore it […]

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