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Flapping Crane DVD

Been working all day (and now night) on the Flapping Crane DVD. Here’s the thing: we shot over 4.5 hours worth of material. We want to put everything on DVD (except Skate Justice, the master of which is lost and I don’t much care) and we want to do commentary. The problem is that unless I find someone quick who is a wiz at DVD Studio Pro (or similar), this is gonna be a freakin’ four DVD set.

It really only should be a two DVD set. So if you know anyone, let me know. Soon.

Anyway, I’m kind of inspired to do this because late November will mark 5 years since flappingcrane.com went live. To put that in perspective, Youtube did not exist then. I was still in my mid-twenties, and people still referred to me as “El Conquistador” (not true at all).

Granted, we’ve slowed down our pace in the past couple years, but we’ve still got skits in the works. Eventually I’ll edit X-Lax 2000, Lazy Time Traveller, etc. There’s talk of a new Reicher. And, to top it off, we plan to relaunch flappingcrane.com this year. A big-ass new design that will probably piss people off, much higher-quality (near DVD-quality) versions of every skit and even some new skits (secret hint: one involves a squirrel).

So it’s kind of a fun time. We’re doing the disc 1 commentaries this Friday.

I’ll probably start putting up unreleased material in the coming months. Some of it is pretty good. Two songs of note which I may link to: “Professor Willoughby” and “Half-Jew in Love”.

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