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Eric Page


Eric Page Jacobson passed away July 15, 2010.

Anyone reading this blog or seeing this on Facebook probably knows that Eric was part of Flapping Crane.  He was far and away the funniest and most talented of us.  I’m not saying that to be nice (and not to denigrate the other guys) — it’s demonstrably true.  He had been doing comedy for 2 decades.  Do yourself a favor and watch some of his standup.  His death is a tremendous loss.

Kelly and I went to his funeral today and the visitation yesterday.  We met his family, who are wonderful people and who showed remarkable strength in the face of this horrible event.  I know I could barely hold myself together.  I can only imagine how they are feeling.

I wish I or anyone could have helped him.  We were supposed to meet up this month to work on a skit we shot with him 2 years ago.  I had to cancel meeting with him a few weeks ago, and I feel terrible that I didn’t get to see him.  I’ve got notes from him about what to do with the footage.  Eric was always an easy-going guy when it came to edits, so I’m confident that what we end up putting together probably would have been approved by him.


Now, to lighten the mood a little, let me describe the skit in basic terms.  It’s called “X-Lax 2000”.  It’s a commercial for a souped-up laxative.  That’s right — Eric’s last skit with us will be a poop joke, and a pretty funny one at that.  We have footage of him sitting on a toilet and holding on for dear life.  At one point he straps on a safety belt to hold himself down.

He and I exchanged email about this recently and I know he was very excited to get it done.  I’ll be working with the other guys in the coming months to finish it.

Yeah, it’s a poop joke.  The thought of that almost cheers me up.  It’s damn silly.  So silly that it somehow feels like a fitting tribute to one aspect of the guy.

I don’t know when it will be ready, but I will let people know when it is.

I’ve been doing Johnny Two-Blades and Rory McGillicuddy impressions all weekend.

It still doesn’t feel real.  I will miss him, and so will a whole lot of other people.

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