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Old Email

Monday, January 26th, 2009

I came across some ZIP disks yesterday while packing. I later found my old USB ZIP drive as well, so I hooked it up and found an mbox file from fall 2001. It was odd reading through that email.

There was surprisingly little discussion about September 11. This email from 9/12, though, did discuss it:

>From: Joe Lillibridge
>To: Kathy Lillibridge
>Subject: Re: your mail
>Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 12:56:59 -0600
>I just got confirmation today that I'll get the job. So no worries
>about that. There's a bunch of procedures they have to go through,
>but it's pretty much a done deal.
>Yes, I got the card from grandma, and Lisa told me about her surgery.
>I hope she's doing ok.
>I don't know what to say about what happened yesterday. I didn't even
>know until about 3 or 4 PM... I stayed home because I was/am coming down
>with a cold. I was just playing video games all day. Jason called
>me from work and told me. I turned the tv on and saw what was left
>of the wtc. Absolutely horrid. I went with rachel and jason to a
>candlelight vigil last night. After that Jason and I went to a bar.
>They had some televisions on. That's about when they showed that new
>angle on the second plane. I just about got sick.
>I hope Steve Fenstermacher wasn't hurt or anything. This is all too much.
>I tried calling home and your work when I found out. I eventually got
>a hold of dad and talked to him until bush came on (only channel I get
>is pbs, but they were covering it).
>I don't know what to say other than this is too much; too horrendous.
>Hearing those people screaming and cursing and seeing those planes hit.
>It's just so horrible.
I just wanted to let you know that Dad and I will be headed over to Shelleys
in a couple of hours. But before we get on the road I wanted you to know
how VERY proud I am of the young man you are. I so proud that you stood by
your friend Abdul (but we knew from past experience that you would). But I
would like for BOTH of you to be very carefull and observent if you are out
together. If some idiot tries to confront you or give you a hard time
PLEASE just get out of the area. Last night on the news they had and
Austrailian man and his friend who was of Arab desent, they were accosted by
some fools who ended up stabbing the Austrailian. So Please just be careful
and aware of what and who is around you. I'm sure Abdul's mom would say the
same thing. We Love you very much and want you safe! Hope to talk soon.
Love Mom

My Conversation With David Wain

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Me: Hi. You guys are my heroes.
DW: Hey. What are you guys doing tonight?
Me: Watching your DVD. Again.
DW: Cool.

Yeah, I’m dumb.

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