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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

What a crazy day.

First of all — I’m now an uncle. Lisa and Pat have a little girl named Isabelle Marie. I can’t post any pics until Lisa’s updated her blog.

So, yeah. Pretty amazing.

Then there was the election, of course. Kelly and I were both very happy and excited, but it was tempered by the fact that we were watching the results come in with my parents, who are pretty conservative. So we couldn’t jump on the furniture while giving each other high fives.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m not interested in discussing politics much here right now. I will say that I’m proud, that it was historic, and that both candidates’ speeches last night were inspiring.


Friday, October 24th, 2008

I have avoided politics on this blog for a while. I find day-to-day politics exhausting. It’s irrational, it’s ugly and it’s almost entirely unproductive. And I’m not about to start discussing much of it here.

That said, I do have something to say about the political climate. If my personal pick for president becomes obvious, sorry. Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised anyway.

Every 4 years, everyone proclaims this election to be the most important election in the universe. Ever. And it’s bullshit. Every election can’t be the most important. I could see the 2016 election (for example) being more important that this one. The 1932 election was probably more important that this one.

People say this because they’re trying to scare us. I don’t care who’s saying it. They’re trying to scare the shit out of us. And I’m sick of it. Our nation isn’t a delicate knick-knack. It’s not a fragile dish. We can weather terrible leaders. We’ve certainly done it before. We’ve weathered crappy Supreme Courts and crappy court decisions. Crappy Congresses.

I’m certainly not saying that we’re invulnerable. The question I’m asking is: How do we conduct ourselves in trying times? And a lot of us ought to be ashamed.

Western civilization is not in peril.

Support your candidate, be proud of your candidate. And don’t be an asshole.

Sorry. Just wanted to get that off my chest. I’ll get back to the humping dog videos without delay.

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